Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Healthy Lifestyle: Week 2 and 3 of my weight loss/total body transformation

It has been two weeks and one day since my last posting concerning my total body transformation challenge (aka #debnelv3monthchallenge). I am aware of the fact that I initially stated that I would be posting weekly updates regarding this challenge, however there has not really been that much to write about since my last update. 

My weight for some reason is still at 63.9kg and my diet has stayed basically the same, as in the first week of my challenge, with the simple addition of an alternative dish of cut up avocado pear, tomatoes, boiled eggs, cheese and asparagus spears for lunch some afternoons, when I am not in the mood for the normal lunch menu/ meal plan. 

I have started drinking 6 tall glasses of water a day, which could explain my currently stagnant weight, due to my body adjusting to the sudden water intake increase. I have also upped my skincare routine somewhat by adding a daily gentle scrub made out of simple brown sugar and olive oil, in addition to the castor oil moisturiser which I am still using religiously. I must say that my skin is already looking more radiant and years younger, which I attribute to a combination of my increased water intake as well as the daily use of the two oils. My hair care regime now also includes a weekly castor oil treatment, in which I simply saturate all my hair in castor oil, which I then leave in place for three hours before rinsing off. 

As for my self-discipline since starting my exercise routine and diet, well let's just say I have cheated somewhat. One or two nights I simply did not have the energy to hop around like a disembodied lizard tail, so I skipped my workouts. Also, I have indulged in the odd sweet thing or two, even giving into my urges and baking a chocolate and caramel cake last night (image here below). I try not to cheat but I am only human and therefore I do not beat myself up unnecessarily for giving in once in a while, I have just made a vow not to make a habit out of it, since sugar is a major no no when it comes to weight loss. 

Well that's about it for this week. Once again thank you all for reading and for following me in this journey. Only 67 days left until D-day! 


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