Saturday, 31 December 2016

Healthy Lifestyle: Week 6 and 7 of my weight loss/ body transformation

A lot has changed since my last posting two weeks ago. As you all know, it has been the Christmas/festive season and I am afraid that temptation has gotten the better of me.

I initially only planned to "cheat" on my diet a tiny bit, however the treats of the season have proved to be way too much enticement for my less than perfect willpower. Not only have I gained weight as a result of my excessive binging (over which I swear I had no control due to being enslaved by the mocking seduction of the delicacies spread out before me), but I have also been too lazy to exercise (obviously as a result of my temporary state of "gluttony-insanity").

However I truly feel that all is not lost and I plan to resume my challenge in full force as from next week. I still have a month and a half to reach my goals and because of the success I had achieved rather early on in my challenge, I honestly do believe that I will still obtain my desired results in the end. 

Fortunately my hair and skin have not suffered due to my weaknesses and my spirit of endurance is still fully intact. All I need to get on track with again, is my weight loss and fitness regime. The four kilograms of weight I have gained back, are truly not the end of the world, therefore I am confident that all I really need to do to get back on "the wheel" is to increase the amount of time I exercise per day (when I actually resume my routines in full force again that is). 

Here's to my last official day/night of binging! Enjoy your Old Year's Eve celebrations and be safe. Only 43 days left until D-Day!


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