Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Lifestyle trends: Shipping Container Houses!

Traditionally when we hear of steel shipping containers we think storage, shipment and/or handling. However, the latest trend sweeping the world right now is the ‘shipping container house’ fad.

But why shipping containers you may ask? Well, for starters steel containers are virtually indestructible. They are also relatively inexpensive, ranging anywhere in price from $800 to around $5000; depending on the size of course. With the average house price in the United States standing at a whopping $250 000 these days, cheaper alternatives are always a welcome and much needed suggestion.

The rectangular shapes of containers also make for numerous stunning design choices; think ‘Lego dream home’. Other benefits include the fact that houses built out of shipping containers can easily be taken apart and moved; pretty much eliminating the need for owners to ever purchase another house again.

Many container companies worldwide have even started offering the services of container conversions whereby they create houses (out of shipping containers) to order for their clients!

Below are a few stunning image examples of shipping container houses (from around the world). Enjoy! 

1. The PV14 House

Matt Mooney (whose house is featured above) decided that for his next home he wanted to use shipping containers. More than 14 containers were used in total to build the gorgeous house you see above.

2. Manifesto House

The Manifesto House featured above is internationally one of the most famous shipping container homes to date. It was created/built using 85% recycled and eco-friendly materials. It was designed by James & Mau Designers.

3. Casa Incubo

The Casa Incubo house/home was built in Costa Rica. As can be seen above, the home was built around the existing cedar tree. It was built using eight cube containers and was designed by architect Maria José Trejos.

4. The WFH House

The WFH house is one of the first to feature in China. The external walls have been lined with bamboo in order to protect the containers from the elements of nature and to provide natural insulation.

5. The Nederland Colorado Container House

Above we have the Nederland Colorado Container House that was designed by Brad Tomecek and built in Colorado (as the name suggests).

6. Redondo Beach Container House

The stunning and sunny Redondo house above was designed by DeMaria Designs and was constructed using traditional building materials and shipping containers.


The cons of building a house out of shipping containers

Although all the houses featured in this article are indeed magnificent, there are some cons to building homes out of containers. For instance, many owners reported that the wind noise the containers make tend to be quite frustrating and even unbearable at times. Also, since shipping containers are made out of metal they can get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter so proper insulation is a total must.

I hoped you enjoyed this piece.

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