Thursday, 29 December 2016

Five New Year's resolutions you should adopt today!

This year has really flown by and once again we are standing at the edge of 2016. I am not sure if it is just me, but the years seem to grow shorter and shorter the older I get. So much so, that I have begun contemplating my own mortality of late. 

We as humans tend not to think about the inevitable reality of our own senescence, however aging is an undeniable fact of life. Bearing this in mind, don't you think that now is a good time to make a few positive changes from which you can reap the rewards in your golden years?

There is no better time to take on a new outlook, as well as new positive habits, than in the beginning of a brand new year! 

Below you will find my list of five great New Year's resolutions for everyone to adopt this coming 2017:

1. Resolution number one: Eat healthier (and live longer) 
As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin first said in 1826, "we" truly "are what we eat", so why so many of us poison our systems by consuming vast amounts of junk food each year, is totally beyond my understanding. Since starting my #debnelv3monthchallenge, I have never felt better! Yes it is true I do cheat sometimes (like now over the Christmas season) and eat some foods considered to be quite unhealthy, however, I honestly try not to make a habit of this. You have nothing to lose so why not find a healthy diet that suits your lifestyle and budget and try and stick to it for at least a few months as part of your positive changes for yourself this New Year? You are not only going to feel bounds and leaps better, with tons of renewed energy and positive vibes, but you are also guaranteed to awaken your taste buds to new, natural healthy flavours that will make you wonder (after just a few short weeks) why you never tried anything like this before. 

2. Resolution number two: Save more money (and consider your retirement)
So many people simply cannot afford to retire at the ages they initially planned anymore. In fact, even those who have retired have come to realise, that with the global economy being in the state that it is they don't have even nearly half of what would be needed to sustain themselves in a comfortable manner for the rest of their lives. Adopting a simple budgeting and saving strategy today could help you in remedying this ailment in the future. 

3. Resolution number three: Stress less (and get over all the bull in life)
We as humans really have more than enough problems in life, yet we insist on creating more issues for ourselves by adopting the habit of stressing over virtually everything. It is really simple. If you stress about something it is not going to make the situation magically disappear. In actual fact, it is most probably going to just make things worse for you in the long run (for example due to factors such as hasty decision making or overreaction as a result of stressing excessively et cetera). The same goes for the bull issues in life. If you hold onto it, it will plague you. If you let it go, the issue vanishes. 

4. Resolution number four: Make more time for actual living (since your life is passing you by)
How many times have we heard older people say things such as, "I wish I did..... when I was younger" or "I should've made more time for ........"? Don't let this be you in the future. Do all the things you want to do in life and stop waiting for "one day", since that "day" may never come. 

5. Resolution number five: Ignore the stupidity of others (and know when to move on)
People have an absolutely extraordinary way of getting under each others' skin. So much so that entire events can be ruined by just the sheer stupid utterances of one narrow minded individual. It however doesn't have to be this way. A while ago I adopted a mannerism that I wish I thought of embracing years ago, which is to simply ignore others and in doing so, not allow them to have any influence or effect in/on your life. The same rings true when it comes to knowing when to move on from negative people. If someone in your life is affecting it in a not-so-positive way, then the solution is quite simple - Move on!

And there you have it, five resolutions guaranteed to better your life now and in the long run! 

Have a fantastic New Year and thank you to all our readers/subscribers for your support in 2016! Here is looking towards all the fabulous new adventures (such as the launch of the much anticipated Academics Can Kill Your Sanity .com website early in January 2017) we will be having together in the future!

Much love, Debbie Vermaak Nel (Mortal Life Modes)


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