Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Healthy Lifestyle: Week 1 of my weightloss/total body transformation

It has been a little more than one week since embarking on my total body transformation aka #debnelv3monthchallenge journey, therefore it is time for a report back. I shall be giving you all short updates regarding my diet and progress, such as this one, on a weekly basis, for the duration of this, my three month challenge.

The first week was very enjoyable and I feel so much better (health and fitness wise) already. I have dropped down to 63.9kg (from 65.9kg), which is a full two kg loss, with very little effort. All that I have been doing different is, I have changed my eating habits and I have added an intense half an hour long, daily aerobic style workout to my routine. 

The workouts are quite fun as all I basically do is hop around and dance to the rhythm of fast paced 80's and 90's music. Add squats, some weights and standing crunches to the equation and you have my whole workout. It's amazing as it raises my heart rate sufficiently and burns calories like nobody's business. 

As for my diet this week, I have been eating two small meals a day that have consisted of the following:

Sunday the 13th: Supper - two steamed potatoes (skin on) with steamed spinach and some feta cheese sprinkled over the top.

Monday: Lunch - small green salad, Dinner - coleslaw and fish (hake)

Tuesday: Lunch - cut up fruit (apple, pear, blueberries and cherries), Dinner - tuna filled avocados 

Wednesday: Lunch - small Greek salad, Dinner - steamed broccoli and steamed carrots

Thursday: Lunch - cut up fruit, Dinner - steamed corn on the cob

Friday: Lunch - small green salad, Dinner- tuna filled avocados

Saturday: Lunch - cut up fruit, Dinner - steamed potatoes with a little low calorie, natural mayonnaise 

Sunday: Lunch - steamed gem squash filled with peas and sweetcorn, Supper - fish (hake/trout) and coleslaw

I am not a big breakfast eater, however, if you choose to add breakfast to this meal plan, you can by adding foods such as boiled eggs, yogurt and cut up banana's. 

My skin and hair treatments for this past week have been very basic to start out with. I have begun using castor oil on my skin at night after cleansing and I have done two intense damage repair hair masks (which can be purchased at any drug store) so far. From this week onwards, I shall be going more intensively into my hair and skin repair regime, and of course, I shall be writing about this in my next article in order to keep you all in the loop!

Thanks for reading and thank you all for following me in this journey. Only 82 days left until D-day!



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