Sunday, 13 November 2016

Healthy Lifestyle: Total Transformations - The #debnelv3monthchallenge

A few months ago, whilst talking to a fellow writer, the whole debate about genetics and weight/beauty arose. My colleagues' beliefs are that the way we are built/shaped and the way we look (our overall appearance/beauty), is solely predetermined by our genetic make-up. 

Although there is some truth in the above-mentioned, I believe that anyone can be beautiful (have great youthful skin and radiant hair). I also know for a fact that anyone can have the body they desire by following the right eating patterns, and by putting in a little effort exercise wise. 

I conveyed my perspectives through to my colleague, who in turn still held firmly onto hers - that having a nice body/skin/hair and such, are traits we are either born with, or like most celebrities, traits we otherwise need to go under the plastic surgery scalpel to obtain. 

Knowing full well the assumptions of my colleague are total and utter bull, I decided on the spot to create a three month body transformation challenge in order to prove mine. However I first needed to make a few changes to my existing appearance. For a full two months I have been eating all the wrong foods, drinking excessive alcohol, purposely creating hair damage (by using constant heat styling methods) and exposing myself to extreme amounts of normal as well as unusual stress elements (sometimes doing utterly crazy things in order to achieve this). 

As a result, I have gained a full 11 kg, my hair is in an awful state, I am extremely out of shape, my skin looks severely dehydrated and aged, and I feel very run down in general. The pictures here below are all of me (how I look as of today). 

 Since the condition/state of my body is now perfect for the test/task, I have decided that today is the day I shall be starting my three month total transformation challenge. You can follow this challenge by subscribing to this blog (Mortal Life Modes) within the NewsDog App, and by following me on Instagram (instagram.com/debnelv_blogs_photos/).

My challenge shall officially end on the 13th of February 2017 (the day before Valentine's day) and I am extremely confident that I will succeed in transforming my body, skin, hair and overall health. 

Anyone can do this and succeed, as all that is needed is the right diet, the correct light exercises, a reduction in your stress levels and a few cheap beauty tricks and tips. 

I look forward to your support and remember, anyone can be gorgeous and have a rocking body! All we have to do is put in the effort and believe in ourselves. 


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