Friday, 30 September 2016

Weekend Lifestyle: Pamper yourself at home (at a fraction of the cost of a health spa)

We all deserve a little pampering now and again but unfortunately most of us can't afford the ridiculous prices charged at salons or spas. So, why not create the salon/spa experience at home for yourself?

It is a lot cheaper than you think and all you need are a few "investment pieces" to start you out. These include:

1. A foot spa
2. A face steamer
3. A face massager (with various brushes for cleansing and attachments for massaging)
4. Aromatherapy bath oils
5. Face masks (or a fresh avocado pear each round)
6. A manicure set (nail file, nail scissors. pumice stone and/or electronic foot/hand file)          
7. Nail polish

Still sound a bit expensive to you? Well not really. Remember, you will only need to purchase most of the listed items once and the rest (such as the bath oils, face masks and nail polish) should ensure you at least a few treatments before a repurchase is needed. Also, you can build up a collection of the items as you go along and you don't need to purchase all at once. You can then just create "mini spa/salon" days for yourself at home until you own all the items. The list is by no means extensive and you can add any items you see fit.

On the days when you plan to give yourself treatments (or home spa/salon days as I like to call them), make sure that you "book" yourself out for a few hours and that everyone in your household knows not to disturb you (unless there is an emergency). Play soft music in the background, put on your favourite robe/gown and slippers, open a good bottle of wine and proceed with the pampering. You can do your treatments in any order but I have found that the following order works best for me:

1. Pedicure (soak your feet in the foot spa, file your toe nails and then remove dead skin from your feet using the pumice stone).
2. Manicure (soak your hands in a warm bowl of water and then file your finger nails).
3. Face steaming session (using the facial steamer).
4. Face cleansing and massaging session (using the cleansing and massaging attachments of the facial massager).
5. Face mask and aromatherapy bath
6. Manicure and pedicure round off (nail painting)

Once done for the day I usually treat myself to a nice big green salad to round off the spa experience. Here is the recipe for my favourite green salad (just mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl):

2 Ripe avocado pears (diced)
2 Large pickles/gherkins (sliced into rounds)
4 Lettuce leaves (shredded into pieces)
1/4 Green pepper (chopped into small pieces
1 English cucumber (sliced into half rounds)
1/2 Cup green olives

Enjoy your pampering!

Extra note: This works well for both women and men, so come on boys, give it a try! You will be amazed at how relaxed you feel afterwards.

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