Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reasons 11 to 32 of 100 reasons people decide not to have children (in this day and age)

In my previous two postings (Reasons 1 to 5 and Reasons 6 to 10 of 100 reasons people decide not to have children), I listed the first ten reasons more and more people are choosing to stay child-free. In this posting however, I am going to list the next twenty two reasons, since so many of my readers have been contacting me, requesting that I up the amount of reasons I submit each time.

So here is, reason 11 to 32 of 100 reasons why people decide not to have children:

11. The world is already grossly overpopulated and having a child would further add to the problem.

12. Bringing more people into this world means you are adding to the carbon footprint. 

13. Having children can aid strain to your marriage (since you won't have much time or energy left to give each other attention anymore). 

14. Having a child means having no designer digs (let's face it, Dior sofa's and baby's don't mix).

15. Having a child with someone will bind you to them (and their families) forever. 

16. Having children might mean having to see your friends pull away (due to you not really having much time left for your friends and/or your friends feeling overwhelmed by your children). 

17. Having a child means dealing with tantrums.

18. Having a child means having to do homework again.

19. Having a child means you have to watch your language use (at ALL times). 

20. Small children and pets don't mix, so having a baby/toddler means you should expect your animals to endure some form of abuse (from your kids), which would be inhumane of you.

21. The world has become a very cruel place with a very uncertain future. Having kids means exposing them to this uncertainty. 

22. Children almost always mean a messy house (so if you are a neatness freak or you have an obsessive compulsive disorder, expect this to drive you insane).

23. Having children means having to childproof your house (no fancy sharp edge tables or glass surfaces et cetera). 

24. Having children means having to eliminate all poisonous plants, or plants with thorns, or plants that can cause allergies in your garden. Since around 90 percent of pretty plants are poisonous, having kids means having a bland garden (note that many children are allergic to grass so you can expect to have a grass free yard as well). 

25. Your children might carry your family's flawed genetic traits such as mental illness or genes for diseases such as Crohn's or cancer.

26. Any of us can die at any moment in time. If tragedy were to befall you, who would then look after your children?

27. There are so many paedophiles and sex offenders in the world, how can anyone say with absolute certainty that their children won't ever come into contact with such people? 

28. Having kid's means having to keep your own emotions in check. No more bursting out into tears or throwing your own little mini tantrum when something upsets you, as this will just upset (and possibly "scar") your child. 

29. Having a child means having to endure childhood illnesses (and possibly getting sick often yourself from the spread of the germs). 

30. Having a child means you cannot drive a sports car (hello minivan or child safe sedans).

31. Having kids means saying goodbye to eating in certain fancy restaurants on a whim.

32. Having kids means not being allowed to stay in certain hotels or resorts (since many are disallowing children these days). 

With this we have come to the end of reasons 11 to 32. In my next posting I will be listing the final, less detailed and elaborate reasons, why so many are choosing to remain childless. 

Till then, 

Debbie Nel

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