Monday, 23 January 2017

Lifestyle trends: Van living!

In the past when we thought about vans, we thought of them in the lines of being transport for mass amounts of people or even as little take away businesses at best.

However these days vans have become a lifestyle trend for many in that vans have become the housing solution of choice for quite a few couples! Even families with children are choosing to live in vans!

But just why has this trend picked up though? Well for various reasons actually.  For starters the cost of living/housing has become so expensive that humanity has decided they need a cheaper alternative and what could be cheaper than living in a van?

Others have decided that they are tired of living stressful lifestyles and opt to live in vans due to the freedom and stress free existence that living the life of a van nomad will grant them.

Since van living is so cheap, many bloggers and other “internet employees” have opted to live in vans so that they can quit their day jobs and just survive on the small incomes their online jobs supply them with. In fact, some are even calling van living the “New American Dream”! 

This is all good and well but I must say that to me, van living is a sure way to live the “American Nightmare”! Why I say this is simply because we are living in the 21st century. An era filled with crime, especially rapes and murders. Therefore I do not see living in a van (or any mobile home for that matter) as being a smart life choice. 

This rings true for any country in the world and not just America (since van living has turned into an international modern day trend). It is simply just not safe enough anywhere anymore for people to go around living in vehicles that offer little to no security whatsoever. 

The idea is nice, this much I will say, but unfortunately reality is a bitch.

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