Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Creative Lifestyle: January is International Creativity Month!

Hello again! I have recently come to learn that the month of January is International Creativity Month. Yes, you read correctly! It is International Creativity Month, so let's get creative!

But just what is the point of having a month dedicated to a concept like creativity? Well, what few people realise is just how important using our imaginations and being creative is for our brains development, in that creativity and being imaginative helps to develop our problem solving skills. Creativity also helps to reduce stress and aids better sleep.

You are all probably thinking, "wow that is great, but just how can we be/get creative?" The answer is much simpler than you think and there are numerous ways one can be super creative, such as;

1. Making your own crafts - The internet is filled with home arts and craft projects so why don't you do a search and try some of those that appeal to you?

2. Visit museums - Although this is not directly linked to being creative, visiting museums and art galleries helps to boost and stimulate your creative side, as well as also aiding relaxation (not to mention stress reduction).

3. Trying your hand at painting on canvas - Small canvas squares are quite cheap and can be found at most arts and crafts stores. Why not purchase one and let your creative juices flow? You might surprise yourself and become the next "Van Gogh". Then again even if you paint more in the lines of "Picasso", there will always be someone your artwork appeals to (even if that person is just you yourself).

4. Get creative in the kitchen - Even baking and cooking can bring out your creative side. All you need do is let your imagination run wild. This is not only great fun but you are quite likely to create a few culinary masterpieces along the way. Even the total flops can be fun so don't be afraid and let loose!

5. Decorate! - Your home is your castle so decorate it like a Queen/King! In my opinion there is no better place to let your creative juices flow than in your own home. Not only is this loads of fun but it also helps you to make your living space "your own".

Whatever you decide to do I am sure it will be a super experience! Remember to encourage your friends and family to do the same and have a fabulous creative fest!

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