Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Financial life(style): Easy ways to earn extra cash / money in a tight month

We all have those months where we can't make ends meet (such as January for example) therefore I thought I would share some of my easy methods of earning some extra cash with you.                                                                                                                                       

  • Car wash in your backyard or at a public place - On a weekend you could open up your yard to those in need of a car wash. Just make sure to place a sign out front and within a few weekends you will be packed with cars. Get some neighbours involved too so that you can share the workload. Alternatively you could get permission from a shop owner to offer a car washing service in his/her parking lot over a weekend.   

  • Selling of baked goods - If you can bake, why not bake up a few batches of cupcakes or fudge to order? Just spread the news of your baking amongst your neighbours, friends and colleagues, and before you know it you will have orders coming out of your ears. I did this for years when I was in need of an extra income, and you can really earn quite a bit this way. Just make sure that those who place orders realise that you only bake once or twice a week and that you also do not take on more orders than you can handle. 
  • Mowing lawns - Own a lawnmower? Then why not make some extra dough by offering to mow the lawns of your neighbours (or others) over the weekend? The fresh air and exercise would be great for you as well. Just make sure to wear a pollen mask at all times whilst mowing, since the dust and other particles that become airborne during a mowing session, can congest your sinuses like crazy (especially if you are mowing many lawns in one day).                                                                         

  • Selling unused good on E-bay or other similar websites - We all have extra goods stashed away in our cupboards or in the attic/garage. Why hold onto these if you are never going to use them? Remember, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"- (Hector Urquhart).                                                                         

  • Renting out an extra room in your home - If you have a spare, unused room in your home, you could always rent it out for a few months if money is tight. There are numerous websites online that make provision for the advertising of these. Just Google the name of the country you live in, with the words, "spare room for rent" at the back, to find such websites in your specific country or area. On an extra note, always do a background check on any prospective renters, since you don't want to have a psychotic killer or sex fiend living in your house with you and your family.                                                             
  • Offering a house-sitting service to those who know and trust you - Many people don't take vacations due to the fear of having their homes broken into. You could offer your services (at a set fee), as a live-in minder for your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family when they are planning a trip. The fact that someone will be living in their house (and as a result will be able to take care of their garden and pets) will ease their burdens greatly. In the end you might even earn a bonus, due to the peace of mind you have created/given.

And that's that. If you have any other tips to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.


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