Wednesday, 12 October 2016

(Moral Lifestyle) - Food for the soul: Adopt a "rescue" pet

I honestly believe there are few things in life that compares to the happiness and joy a pet can bring us. In fact, the more the merrier. If you can afford to care for it and feed it, adopt it!                           

However, what I do not advocate are pedigree dog breeders. The market is so over saturated already and the last thing the world needs are more puppies or kittens. There are more than enough animals out there waiting for a good home, and breeders are the result that these animals don't find homes (and often have to be put down as a consequence). Also, breeders often make use of "rape stands"(Google for more but be warned this is a horrid, cruel practice and the images aren't pleasant ones), which further makes me hate the practice of canine breeding. 

Township rescues (South Africa only), RSPCA rescues (UK only), ASPCA rescues (United States only) and SPCA rescues (International)! That's the way to go if you are in need of a furry companion. Trust me on this! The act of helping to save a rescued pet is a pure, unselfish type of soul food of a paramount magnitude, likened to no other feeling on this earth! Just make sure that your new friend has had all his/her shots (especially the Canine Distemper and Parvo virus ones as these illnesses are death sentences 90% of the time. as well as being highly contagious). 

The joys of adopting a rescued furry baby are many. A good example of one of these joys would be the glorious warm feeling you get in your heart, each time you watch your doggy/kitty enjoying something that he/she would otherwise never have had the opportunity to experience, if it hadn't been for the fact that he/she was rescued. For me, nothing compares to the deep heartfelt stares of gratitude these little angels give you. It's a heartbreaking and euphoric experience all at the same time.

Of course, the same rules apply for adopting RSPCA animals, which in their own right are the same things as township rescue animals, although the poor little township rescues are often doggies/kitties that have had to endure unbelievable abuse and/or circumstances. Check out the following links if you would like to see what I am speaking of and/or if you are interested in becoming a rescue angels' parent, and/or if you wish to make a donation (Note: As far as I know, only residents of South Africa can adopt these animals, however for more information you would have to contact the organisations themselves by means of the contact details given on their webpages/sites):



I too am the proud mommy of a few rescue babies myself and they are honestly the light in my life. My latest baby (Amelia), featured in the first photograph on this posting, being the most recent. I however rescued her myself when it came to my attention she was made to walk 5km on a daily basis on the side of the N12 Highway (an extremely busy, traffic filled highway in South Africa). She was tick and flea ridden as well as half starved when we brought her home. I am happy to report that so far she is adjusting fantastically, however she is still at risk of having Parvo and Canine Distemper and will only be declared in the clear in a few weeks time (holding thumbs). Although I have isolated her from the rest of my animals, she receives constant attention and has already taken over the whole house. Next week she should be strong enough to have her shots/immunisations, since we first had to treat her for a worms and a very bad Canine Influenza (which could still turn out to be the Parvo/Canine Distemper I spoke of above). Even now, in this short time we have had her, she has been such a blessing and the source of a great deal of daily joy. I have no idea how old my puppy is or even what type of mixed breed she is (even though I think I detect a hint of boxer in her appearance) but to me she is worth more than a thousand pedigree horses. 

So what are you waiting for? Feed your soul and go and save a life! You won't ever look back!

N.B -  Please just remember to have your new baby/babies sterilised/neutered and immunised! 


NOTE: Since writing this piece/article, Amelia (our rescue) has had all her immunisations and has also been given a clean bill of health by her vet. She is no longer at risk of having parvo or canine distemper! Her symptoms were just due to having a bad chest cold from being forced to sleep outside in the township. Here is a photo (below) we took of Amelia a little while ago. See how much she has grown!

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