Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mental Health: Do you feel unsatisfied with your life? Then this one minute read is for you

Many of us don't feel content in our current lives. Most people often think to themselves, "this is not the life I pictured I would have one day when I was a child. Where did it all go wrong? Will I ever find happiness and true contentment in this lifetime?"

My simple answer to you is yes, you will! We all have the power to lift ourselves up into the existence we so desire. I promise you this is possible and I should know because I am doing just that!

Dream big, fantasize, and try different things. This is my advice to you. We are all so unique and therefore only we, ourselves, can figure out what is right for us in life. There is no "one size fits all" solution. However, we can give each other ideas of things worth trying and/or advice in the form of a recall of our own personal experiences and achievements, and who knows, you might just land up finding your "true self" in this way (or help someone else find theirs). So read more interesting articles and socialise more with people you find fascinating!

We can learn so much about ourselves from others. How? Through the ideas they can create in our own minds about things. For instance, I would never have known I am passionate about photography, if it wasn't for the interest to try it out, sparked in my mind by the experiences of others. I would never have known I like live classical music (instrumental) performances/concerts, if I didn't decide to follow the advice of a friend and attend such an event. Remember to also share your life experiences with others!

We all deserve to have a life we love -To have interesting hobbies, a career we are passionate about, fantastic romantic relationships and a strong bond with friends and family and it is only we, ourselves that are standing in our own way. We create barriers in our lives by NOT believing we can achieve and by not being willing to try new things and embrace the change that comes with these! We also tend to live our lives in such a fast paced way that we forget to make time for others. This is a major no, no! Your nearest and dearest are very important, so make yourself, make the time to visit with them. 

As mentioned above, don't be afraid to try new things, because what do you have to lose in doing this? Just don't follow others blindly and attempt to do stupid things just because they recommended it (a good example of this would be me, attempting to make my life easier by cleaning a shower with a combination of vinegar and bleach one afternoon, because I read on-line that this is the simplest and easiest way to achieve fast, amazingly clean results, however what the blog failed to mention was the fact that this combination creates a lethal chlorine gas which, in effect, almost killed me). Do your research!

Happiness is almost within your reach so what are you waiting for? Start building your ladder so you can grab it!

Here's to the great journey ahead and here's hoping you find yourself along the way!

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