Monday, 6 March 2017

Health: Scientists Discover A New Organ!

Just when you start to think that you know it all, science has a wonderful little way of popping up and surprising you with some new, unknown little fact. 

One such fact is the announcement of a recently discovered organ in the human body. What makes this discovery so amazing is the fact that it (the organ) has always been there, hiding within our digestive system. 

Named as the mesentery, this new organ was originally believed to be made up of various fragmented, separate structures, however recent findings have proved that is in fact one continuous organ.

Although we now have much more knowledge and understanding of the mesentery, its actual function is not yet quite fully understood. Scientists however believe that studying it might be able to aid in the understanding and treatment of various digestive and abdominal diseases as well as other disorders and health concerns such as diabetes and obesity, which makes it quite revolutionary in the field of science, as well as the future of human health. 

The mesentery also serves to link our gut to the rest of our body, whilst keeping our intestines in a particular arrangement so that when we move about, they stay intact. Without a mesentery our intestines would run the risk of collapsing into the pelvic area.

Since the discovery, that the mesentery is in fact one continuous organ as opposed to just being a set of separate structures, medical textbooks and journals (including the world renowned Gray’s Anatomy) have been updated to include the new definition. Even new med students have started learning that the mesentery is a whole distinct organ. 

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