Friday, 28 December 2018

The World's Grossest Foods!

Various parts of the world just celebrated Christmas, which also means yummy food! However, some people worldwide have a taste for things most of us wouldn’t even consider; insects, rodents and even stuff a person would throw in the garbage when cooking! Yes, I’m being deadly serious here and if you wish to know more, I’ve highlighted six of the grossest foods I could find below.

1. Tripe – Various Countries
Many of us have heard of tripe and just as many have not. What it is in its most basic form is the lining of a cow’s stomach. However, in countries such as South Africa, tripe is a whole lot more than that. Here (in South Africa) traditional tripe is taken a step further in a dish that is known as offal. This type of tripe (or offal) not only consists of stomach lining but the animals feet, intestines and head as well!

2. Tuna Eyeballs – Japan
When visiting Japan be sure to pop into a grocery store to feast your eyes on this scary “delicacy” in the fish section. Some say they do not taste bad, and liken them to the flavours of hard-boiled eggs. Tuna eyeballs are traditionally cooked by Japanese chefs as an appetizer but I must say I don’t find the concept appetizing in the least.

3. Locusts – Israel
In around 2013 the craze of eating locusts started in Israel. It seems what lead to this, was bit of a modern day locust plague in the area. Some like them fried and crunchy, others like them dipped in chocolate, all I know is I don’t like them at all!

4. Rats – Various Countries
Again we have one of the grossest things imaginable, considered to be a “delicacy” in many countries, including Indonesia. Some say roasted rats on a stick are their ultimate favourites, others swear it truly does taste like chicken, but all I can say is barf.

5. Fried Spider – Cambodia
If you thought eating rats and locusts were bad, think about frying up a spider and eating that! It is such a big hit in Cambodia, one could even consider it somewhat of a national dish!

6. Mopani Worms – South Africa
Yet again good old South Africa hits the list with number six. The Mopani worm is actually the larva stage of the emperor moth. These worms are named after the leaves they eat and are commonly fried up with peanuts, onions, chillies and tomatoes. I couldn’t tell you what they taste like because I have really never had any interest in trying them.
And there you have it, six of the grossest “foods” imaginable. Feeling hungry yet?

Debbie Nel


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