Saturday, 3 June 2017

Important Announcement: Mortal Life Modes Will Be Leaving.....

It is with great sadness that I announce the fact that Mortal Life Modes will not longer be listed/available on the NewsDog App as from Monday 5 June 2017.

The decision was a very hard one to make, however I feel that NewsDog and Mortal Life Modes are no longer a good match for one another. My other blog/site, Academics Can Kill Your Sanity, will also no longer be scheduled to be added to the NewsDog App as previously planned. 

You can still view all my Mortal Life Mode postings by visiting http://mortallifemodes.blogspot.com and my Academics Can Kill Your Sanity (the all in one student help/resource site) postings by visiting http://www.academicscankillyoursanity.com/

All my other contact and social media details are as follows:


I really hope you shall all still follow and support me via one (or all) of the links/media channels given above. I am planning on finding other news and content apps in the future with which to partner and will announce all my plans/partnerships via all my social media platforms/profiles (the links of which were given above). All media/content agencies (with Apps) are welcome to contact me via e-mail if they are interested in listing my websites. 

For the last time (on NewsDog)

Debbie Nel


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